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Like preparing for trial, most of the work that leads to a successful outcome comes from the preparation. We spend a great deal of time learning about law firms needs and their growth goals. We do the same with each attorney that we discuss their career goals with.

Making a career move is an exciting but often nerve-racking time. Not many attorneys have the desire or time to habitually meet with firms.  The goal is to best understand the skills, unique characteristics, and marketable traits of the candidate attorney and the firms. Once we lock in on those, we focus on opportunities that are the best fit and that maintain the discretion of the process needed.

We work with partners two ways. Opportunities that are active and opportunities from firms that have us constantly looking to expand their firms and bring on talent that compliments their practice areas, would facilitate smart growth, etc.  We place about 30% of the people that we work with to those types of opportunities.  

Our years of experience give us a unique view of the markets and firms that are in them. Once we understand your career goals we attempt to match them to the right situation.  Not put a square beg into a round hole.  Often times they match active opportunities, many times they do not. 

You will not have any information released about you to anyone without your specific approval.  For a confidential discussion about current opportunities in your area and your career goals please contact:


Andrew Wilcox,, 850-629-9073

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