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When you think of the decisions that you make, the events that happen, and the people involved with their unique talents as part of a story or process rather than a plan that collects dust on a shelf and is obsolete after any change, you control the narrative.


We work with you at each phase of the story of your firm. Whether it is identifying the type of attorney that best matches your firm, to developing their skills, measuring their performance, and helping address each plot point from firm formation to succession planning.  Let us discuss each:


Talent: It all starts here. You can have a great story, but bad characters. This could be because the story has involved mergers, lack of due diligence in the hiring, their performance peaked at an earlier time, or they are just not in a role that suits their strengths.  We believe that knowing your firms goals and matching them to specific traits of attorneys is critical.  


Development: Once you have the talent, how do you provide them with the resources and help leverage their gifts for success? You may have great attorneys, but not good client developers.  What if you could replicate your rainmakers? We work with you on developing these skills and creating a process by which your attorneys know how and where to prospect, use social media, tell your story, convert prospects to clients, and leverage those clients across your practice areas.


Performance: How to measure, what to measure, and managing to that.  We work with your firm on identifying granular metrics that everyone understands and that target specific goals.  Based on that, you will have capabilities to improve the outcomes tied to that attorneys Emotional Intelligence traits.


Plot Points: Firms, like stories, have plot points.  They are:  the Back Story, the Catalyst, the Big Event , the Midpoint, the Crisis, the Climax, and the Realization. Knowing where your firm is, you can better determine what is coming next.  How you address each one tells EVERYTHING about your brand.  Sometimes when people are in the story, they can't write the story.  Sometimes stories get stuck and need something to move it forward.  Our goal is to work with you on creating a timeless classic.  It takes the talent, development, and performance in the setting that you create.